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Garden Design


Designing the perfect garden is not just a business. It is a creative art requiring vision, flair and imagination, each one entwined with a profound knowledge of plants & trees. And more than a spadeful of experience. Our country portfolio ranges from cottage gardens to manor houses, parks and estates. In London, we have designed both private gardens and luxury developments. One thing stands out above all else - our determination and commitment to see every detail of every project metamorphose from plan, to glorious fulfilment.



Designing the perfect garden involves effective dialogue between designer & client. We always listen carefully - sometimes to diametrically opposite views where a couple are both involved - then interpret, present options and plan and re-plan until we know it is perfect.

Garden Design

"I passionately believe we were put on this earth to make full use of our senses. Creating a garden is the ultimate test in being able to create a visual and sensory experience, often starting from a zero base. My love of the English garden with its beautiful greens and gentle palette, blends with the strong colours, sights and smells of my childhood in Asia".     Sparrow Morgan-Grenville, Founder

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