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Terms Of Engagement

The following standard conditions of contract apply to all work carried out by Sparrow Garden Design
(hereafter referred to as SGD), unless specifically amended in writing by SGD prior to the commencement of
work. The contract between the client and SGD, and the terms of engagement specified here apply to all
works undertaken for the duration of the contract.
SGD will make every effort to meet the programme for the work, but cannot accept any responsibility
for delays or consequential costs in relation to both requests for information and response times from
statutory and non-statutory organizations.

  1. SGD will not commence work before receiving an acceptance form/email from the client indicatingacceptance of these terms, the quotes and estimates.

  2. Any estimate provided is valid only for a period of thirty days from the date of this estimate. Any verbal estimate is only valid if subsequently put in writing.

  3. A non-returnable deposit is required with instructions.

  4. Acceptance of these terms indicates the client’s permission for employees of SGD, consultants and suppliers to enter the property to carry out work as agreed.

  5. All materials, plants and drawings remain the property of SGD until paid in full.

  6. Where stage payments are agreed in advance SGD reserves the right not to undertake a succeeding stage until funds have been cleared for the previous stage.

  7. VAT will be charged at the applicable rate at date of invoice.

  8. In accordance with the Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and at the company’s discretion, SGD reserves the right to charge interest after 30 days from the date of invoice at a rate of 8% above Natwest Bank base rate.

  9. As far as possible prices will remain the same as on the original estimate. If SGD cannot source the item from elsewhere SGD reserves the right to substitute a similar item, within reason, which may alter the estimate. SGD will always endeavour to contact the client first but this may not always be possible.

  10. Only the work specified in this estimate is included in the price. Unless specifically stated no allowance is made for extra work. Our professional fees for all revisions, additional drawings and on site meetings, outside those specifically outlined in this estimate, would be as per the fee structure below, plus any out of pocket expenses + VAT.

  11. SGD designs and drawings are issued under copyright and no use of them may be made by a third party unless consent has been previously given by SGD in writing. The contents of any document, plan drawing or photograph supplied by the company may not be copied or altered in whole or in part without the written consent of SGD.

  12. SGD does not accept any responsibility in the design for any difficulties arising or any damage caused during construction to hidden or underground cables, pipes or other services or obstructions, unless the precise location and depth have been advised by the client in writing and verified by ourselves prior to any commencement of any work.

  13. SGD does not replace plants supplied which subsequently die due to neglect, lack of sufficient watering or natural causes.

  14. Site visits will be charged on an hourly basis.

  15. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - personal information is required to produce quotations/proposals and respond to our clients’ enquiries, the information is shared with specific third parties (i.e. for accounting purposes) a list of the third parties is available on request. We comply with the GDPR legislation and we do not use the data for marketing purposes.

Fee Structure:

Click HERE to enquire about fees.

Buxus Pest and Disease Notification and Disclaimer. Buxus has been under pressure from two particular issues in recent times, one being Box Blight and the other, the Box Moth caterpillar. Although Box Blight has been widespread in most parts of the country, until recently the moth has mostly been in the London area. During the latter part of this summer it has reached many other parts of the country.

All consignments of Buxus are checked for these two problems, but due to the difficulty of identifying these
issues at the earliest stages, we will only supply Buxus on the understanding that the customer takes the

 responsibility and risk of any incidences of these two health issues. This does not mean that it is not worth planting Buxus, but everybody needs to be very watchful and ready to spray as soon as problems occur. All growers and traders of Buxus are now faced with this situation.

The European Boxwood and Topiary Society have further useful information on their website

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