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Quite possibly the most important time in any design project is the Initial Consultation. This provides the client with the opportunity to both brief us, and also address any concerns about the process itself. At the same time it gives us the chance to understand exactly what is required, the scope and ambitions of the client and of course, the sort of budget likely to be allocated. It is said that the hardest garden to design is your own, and thus there is always benefit from seeing things from the perspective of 'fresh eyes'. The Initial Consultation is free of charge (UK gardens only). Whatever the size of the garden, it is always worth having a Masterplan before any work is started. This allows for a project to be broken up into manageable sections according to available time and budget.

Projects we undertake vary in size from masterplanning to ground up redesigning of entire gardens, estates and luxury urban developments. Following the Initial Consultation, we typically Commission a Survey (if not already in client's possession) to produce an accurate scale plan incorporating both differing levels and existing features. This is followed by production of Conceptual Sketches which tends to be an iterative process leading up to the Final Design.

Following client sign-off, we will then recommend the most appropriate landscapers for the job whose work we will oversee from beginning to end. Concurrently, we will commence the Planting Plans which involves significant input from the client in terms of colour and plant preferences. Where there is existing planting, we will ensure that the new additions balance well from a contextual standpoint. The next stage will involve Plant & Tree Ordering from our highly reliable and competitive suppliers. On delivery, we will organise the Laying Out and Planting

The final stage is to produce a maintenance schedule to ensure that the garden remains looking at its best. 

It is always worth remembering that gardens evolve and are never really finished. Plants typically self-seed (sometimes where you want them and sometimes not!) and others age and need replacing, all part of the excitement of gardening and the ever-changing tableau. Of course, we will always be delighted to come back and advise on, refresh or simply admire the garden as it matures.

Sparrow Garden Design offer the following services:

  • Consultation

  • Masterplans

  • Survey Commissioning

  • Planting Plans

  • Plant & Tree Supply

  • Tree Surgery

  • Lighting

  • Installation of water features including Fountains, Water Sculpture, Pools & Ponds

  • Swimming Pool & Tennis Court - Commissioning & Landscaping

  • Kitchen Gardens & Orchards

We are also happy to undertake international work and currently have a number of projects ongoing around Europe.

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