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Designing a garden is in many ways akin to painting a three-dimensional picture, the only difference being that the end result takes longer, sometimes many years longer. The ability to take a blank canvas and visualise a plan and how it will metamorphose over one year, three years and five years is perhaps the most essential tool in any designers' armoury.

My upbringing in Asia taught me the virtue of patience as well as a deep love of colour and respect for all things living. At an early age I found myself fascinated by plants and whilst I spoke Hindi before I spoke English, it wasn't long before I was learning the name of every plant and tree in our garden. Nothing however, prepared me for the sublime beauty of the classical English garden and once I was living in England, I began to absorb all that I saw. At the core of my thinking was a determination to imagine how one could infuse the peaceful tranquility of the English garden with a very subtle Asian heartbeat. But fate had other plans for me and before long, I was back in Asia following a career in banking and plans to become a garden designer had to take a back seat for a while.


Both my own and my husband's careers took us all over Southeast Asia and finally to the USA before settling back in England in 2008. I began to study formal garden design in earnest under the tutelage of the highly talented designer, Sue Gibson, who imbued in me the vital aesthetic relating to a 'sense of place'. No project will ever succeed unless the inter-relationships that exist between structure and nature are able to co-exist in harmony.


My first commission came in 2010 - a complete redesign of a Cotswolds manor garden. This led almost immediately to further commissions and over the past eleven years I have designed London gardens, country house gardens from parks to farm houses, commercial developments, orchards and kitchen gardens. I am supported by a team of superlative landscapers, gardeners, arborists and agronomists. I also work closely with some of the very best water installation designers, sculptors, greenhouse suppliers, swimming pool designers and tennis court builders. Most importantly, I manage every project personally including overseeing (and taking part in) the planting process which is often an area where projects can go awry. 

Apart from gardens, my other passion is languages. In addition to several European languages, I speak Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Thai, each one in its own way, infusing every project I undertake.



Georgie joined Sparrow Garden Design in 2019 having graduated from the Cotswold Gardening School where she completed the one year diploma passing with distinction.  Prior to this, she studied geography at Newcastle, followed by twelve years working in the City. After moving to Bath she was able to resurrect her profound interest in the natural world, as well as undertake the garden design course that had long been a growing desire.  Following the completion of a commission for a four acre garden in Oxfordshire, she decided to join Sparrow as a Designer. Her work now includes a wide range of projects across all aspects of the design process from master planning, to detailed planting plans.  

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